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ElKhan Shahin Oglu Qoliev

EkKhan Shahin Oglu Qoliev.


Date and place of birth: August 25, 1971, Baku
Nationality: Azerbaijan
Male gender
Marital status: Married, two sons


Current jobs:

Since May 2003
Chairman and Founder of the Atlas Research Center in Baku, Azerbaijan: The Center conducts research on political, economic and security issues in the South Caucasus region for its clients and is published in the local media. The main purpose of this center is to provide analysis and recommendations on security issues to the government and other decision-makers of Azerbaijan.

Other activities:

Freelance colleague, essayist


Analyst at the Institute of International Affairs, Baku-based think tank

Editor of the foreign news section, Milliyet newspaper, Baku, Azerbaijan

Editor-in-Chief of Foreign Policy and News, Azadliq newspaper, Baku, Azerbaijan

Reporter in Azerbaijan, TRT TV Company, Turkey

Correspondent of the Turkish Anatolian News Agency in Baku

Political columnist, Sahar Weekly, Baku, Azerbaijan


Head of Atlas Research Center

Elkhan Shahin Oglu is the author of 3 books. One of these books is dedicated to the events of 2014 Ukraine Square and the attack on Donbass.
He has written hundreds of articles on Azerbaijan’s foreign policy issues and the geopolitical situation in the domestic and international media, and since 1993 has been collaborating with institutions such as the British Institute for War and Peace Reporting and others.

International education and training

September 1988 – September 1993
Baku State University, Department of Mathematics
Degree: Mathematician – equivalent to a master’s degree
Language of instruction: Azerbaijani

He has participated in dozens of domestic and international trainings, conferences, seminars and workshops, including:

Conflict Resolution Conference (1999), Washington and New York, USA

NATO Conferences (1998, 2002 and 2005), Brussels, Belgium

International Conference on Conflict Resolution (2005), Cologne, Germany

Conflict Resolution Workshop (1999), Cairo, Egypt

Guam Conference (2000), Yalta, Ukraine

Research trip (2001) to Lebanon

South Caucasus Conference on Democratic Development (2004), Tbilisi, Georgia

Conference on the Problems of Journalists in the South Caucasus (1998), Yerevan, Armenia


April 2002
Award of the National Committee of the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly of Azerbaijan for the best “Peace Preacher” articles in Azerbaijan

July 2004
Award of the Institute of Human Rights of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan for “Best Articles on the Integration of Azerbaijan and NATO”

July 2005
Azerbaijan Reporter of the Year Award, Azerbaijan Independent Journalists’ Union “Yeni Nesil”

June 2006
Award for the best article on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the Union of Independent Journalists of Azerbaijan “Yeni Nasil”


Azerbaijani, Russian, Turkish

He is a politician with high experience in political analysis, especially the analysis of Nagorno-Karabakh issues, Azerbaijan’s policy with foreign countries, the political ideas of the Azerbaijani government.


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