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What are Russia’s policies towards the Azerbaijan?

«Vladimir Putin» blamed NATO infiltration near his country’s borders for the main reason for his attack on Ukraine, something he had directly and indirectly pointed out to the South Caucasus novices in the face of Georgia years ago.

As a result of Georgia’s inclination toward the West and NATO, the creation of a NATO representative office in that country resulted in interventions provoked by the Russians in border areas such as Chechnya in South Ossetia. In 2008, the Georgian government intervened militarily to suppress the sabotage, but then-Russian President Medvedev ordered military intervention in defense of South Ossetia on August 7, 2008, recognizing the region’s independence from Georgia. شد.

This was the result of Georgian President Saakashvili’s desire for the West and NATO; A bloody conflict and a heavy experience for Georgia.

Continuing their policies in the South Caucasus, the Russians have shown that they are not joking with anyone. The pro-Western Prime Minister of Armenia Pashinyan was also angered by the Russians in this game.

The Nagorno-Karabakh war could have ended with Russia’s support for Armenia on the basis of a military agreement between the two sides with Russian intervention in Armenia’s favor, as it did last time, but Russia withdrew from the conflict and gave the Republic of Azerbaijan a chance to retake the occupied territories. It was a sign of the Russians’ anger at their Armenian side.

Armenia lost the war, and the Russians’ only favor was that they stopped the war a short distance from Khan Kennedy (Stepankert) and stationed their peacekeeping forces there.

Now the case of Ukraine has arisen with dozens of foreign agents, such as Israel intervening in support of Zelensky and sending Israeli mercenaries to the Ukrainian front, the full-fledged US defense of Ukraine and sending weapons to it, and European efforts to strengthen the country. Of course, Putin has not left the Israelis without anger, and by arming Hezbollah with Russian weapons, he has given a strong response to the Zionists and has taken sharp stances against this regime in international organizations.

But the center of concentration of these foreign powers in the Caucasus is undoubtedly the Republic of Azerbaijan. The engine of the Israelis stays warm with the oil of the Republic of Azerbaijan. NATO has cooperated in Afghanistan.

On the other hand, with the protracted war in Ukraine, from time to time there are military movements in the disputed areas of Azeris and Armenians, most of which are carried out by Azeris. Although on February 5, 2022, Putin invited Aliyev to Moscow and signed the “Alliance Interaction” cooperation agreement, he tried to control the Republic of Azerbaijan during the war in Ukraine, but all the situation is such that later It is the turn of the Republic of Azerbaijan from Ukraine.

Despite all these signs, the opposition of the internal opposition of the Republic of Azerbaijan, especially the People’s Front of Azerbaijan, led by people like Ali Karimli and Isa Ghanbar, to the Russians has become even more acute and is on Putin’s nerves. A person who has not left any reaction against Russia unanswered.


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