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Caucasian bride in the Israeli cell

The emergence of the Zionist regime in northwestern Iran and the Caucasus region has complicated the relations between neighboring countries on both sides of the Aras and the occasional confrontation, which in both interpretations calls into question the territorial integrity and other political existence. The Zionist regime to implement its goals in the vicinity of the two neighboring regional powers of the Caucasus, namely Russia and Iran, either in the form of benefiting from energy resources or in order to influence the Islamic Republic of Iran’s hard work against it to increase cooperation and influence in the Caucasus. South pays and manages international equations against our country. Now, with the increasing military threats of the occupying regime in Jerusalem in recent days and the holding of various exercises to attack our country’s nuclear infrastructure, it is necessary to decide on the behavior of the countries supporting this regime in the Caucasus.

عروس قفقاز در حجله اسرائیل


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